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For wholesale pricing and ordering, you can't beat Roofers Choice�s exclusive wholesale program.

This feature is available to true wholesale business partners and those who need assistance in the right direction.


Roofers Choice exclusive wholesale program includes many benefits such as:

1.  On-line access at wholesale prices with no minimum order requirement.

2.  On-line dealer username and password for ordering products.

3.  Nationwide shipping direct to you or your customers.

4.  FREE shipping incentive to all orders from $1,000.00 and above


Our wholesale site might mirrors other retail sites in appearance, product availability, reliability and speed.
The only difference is price!

And best of all,
this wholesale program is FREE !

You gain instant access to all the great advantages we have already pointed out.

Plus, you can count on our reputation and years of experience behind you!

We choose to remain loyal to the current distribution channel for all our products.

In other words, we will not sell products to retail consumers at wholesale prices.

This loyalty allows us to instill in our dealers a trusting business relationship that we are dedicated to supporting them,

and the traditional distribution channel for our products.

Program Requirements

To become a member of our wholesale program, the following criteria must be met:


1.  You must be credit-approved by RoofersChoice.Com

2.  You must possess a valid Tax ID number or reseller�s license

Call 800-248-5445 with any questions


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